43 years. Same location. Same owners. Same amazing food & service. Come join our family.


Walk into Ruben’s & you’ll be treated like royalty. We specialize in great food and exceptional service.


We scour the earth to find the most interesting food from remote locations for your tastebuds.


An old fashion butcher shop that prepares everything fresh cut to your order… Yep, get crazy!


Life is too short for average food. Discover Ruben's Grocery & taste the world without a Passport.

Madrugada Yerba Mate

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Suave Union Yerba Mate

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Mananita Yerba Mate

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CBSe Yerba Mate

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CBSe Yerba Mate

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Alaskan King Crab Fest

Did you miss Ruben’s Grocery King Crab Fest 2014? Hundreds of families from all over the Valley experienced true, fresh seafood! Would you like to be a part of Ruben’s Grocery foodies list?  Our foodies get all the latest info on our newest items that are coming in, fresh meat and seafood, delicious sweets, and all of our gourmet items! Become a foodie and Contact us today! You must be a member of the Foodie list to order your crab. We will sell out in advance. Get on the list now!



Check our News section to see the upcoming events and special ``Foodie`` items we have coming in!

  • Super Foods

    11 January 2016 Category: Fruits & Veggies

    Webster defines MID LIFE CRISIS as a “period of emotional turmoil caused by the realization that one is no longer young.” This used to be a problem that one handled simply by dropping some Benjamins and buying a brand new canary-yellow Corvette. Problem solved, right? Funny, I was stuck at that same crossroad. Turn right and buy a beautiful sports-car? Turn left and get a beautiful new girlfriend? Or go straight ahead and get the new body I desperately needed so I’d live long enough to enjoy both the new […] Read more
  • Festive Favorites

    11 November 2015 Category: Meat Sweets

    WOW! Christmas season is already here? Where did the year go? The best part about Christmas for me and all my foodie friends is all the things Ruben’s has planned for us. Like importing in all the breads, pastries, candies and once-a-year things that make your house look, feel and smell like Christmas. Everyone looks forward to Ruben’s Panettones from Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. The Turrones from Spain, Italy, & Argentina. The German Stollens, along with candy from all over the world, including the traditional Mexican Christmas candies Colaciones! The special […] Read more
  • Pet Owner’s Love Ruben’s Grocery

    21 April 2015 Category: Pets

    As a pet lover with a long history of living with cats and dogs I have a pretty strong stance on what I’m about to say. All living creatures deserve “REAL” food. That being said, this installment of “Where the Foodies Go” is dedicated to all of our pets. I’d like you to think about something for a second. Have you been brainwashed by the decades of commercials and the billions of dollars of marketing invested on making you think that what you feed your pets is healthy? (You already […] Read more


  • Christmas at Ruben's is a family tradition. We eat Panetone, and Ruben's Grocery is the only place in the Valley we can find authentic Panetone.

    Ernesto Salcedo - Foodie

  • When I walk into Ruben's Grocery, I feel the energy the store produces. Something about the store that just makes me want to browse every aisle for hours on end, finding the perfect ingredients for a world class dish.

    Eric Fantich - Foodie